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April 1 2013 i paid almost $200 for our family's pictures to be taken at the kingston walmart location. Only to try and pick them up to find the store to be closed. I went to walmart customer service where they had a cart full of pictures but mine were no where to be found. I would like it if someone would please contact me. Add comment

I went into a local store and Picture Me Portrait Studio was set up and running an offer. I paid the $20, and scheduled our picture date and time. I took my 3 children, and our new puppy in for the sitting. I purchased a single 8x10, and was told it would be mailed to me. I never did receive the portrait. I was able to viw my potraits online for a brif time, but they were not printable. When I went back into the store to confront the manager,... Read more

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I took my three children to get pictures taken on 3/22/13 for my son's 2nd birthday. It was the one time I had taken them to get a professional picture made together since he was a newborn. I ordered and sold things and scraped together just to get them. I paid and waited and waited. Just to discover they shut down. I contacted the store and was told they weren't affiliated with Wal-Mart. I was told that if I had my receipt I would get a refund.... Read more

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I never received my son pics and I'm so hurt bc it was his Easter pics I paid for them I really want them Add comment

Worst job that I ever had. Poorly run and treated employees and customers poorly. Cheated me by 100 hours of work during my employment. Time clock was changed by district Mgr to save on labor. Would not let me talk to anyone to get my pay. A lot of illegal things happened and you were threatened with retaliation if you said a word. Perhaps if he employees were happy, the customers would have been treated better and hey could still be open. I... Read more

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What is the status of picture me studios? I never received my order # 107945 from 3/30/2013. Please contact me ktorres522@Yahoo.com Add comment

These people lied and told me they were goin ti be at another location and never even went there so i could take pictures Add comment

I spent 200 dollars i did mot get my money back or my pictures. i wamt my money!!!! Add comment

I really wish they was a way I could get my pictures back. If anyone knows a way please let me know those pictures mean a lot to me. Add comment

I went to the pictures of me and my only son at the time at Picture Me studio in Walmart in Coralville Iowa and I made payments on them only to find out that they closed down they ship my pictures to a Walmart who didn't shredded my pictures I would love to know who can I contact to get those pictures those are my memories that I want of me and my only son at the time he was a baby .it sucks that this company will not respond to any of their... Read more

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