I have never been treated so badly at a picture studio where I spent 172 dollars. i had the pictures taken on December 1st so I could have them back by Christmas.

I had several parties to go to and people to see that I wont see again for a year to give them to. Due to an error with the employee, my pictures sat in que for a while and were never sent to be processed. I tried for 3 weeks to get someone to call and find out where my pictures were. No one would stating they would be fired if they called corporate.

Then, finally, someone from the store called customer service and found out my pictures were never sent. They called me and said i would have to reorder. i did. and guess what?

they had technical difficulties that prevented my order from being processed. One mistake i could live with...but two is too many. I wanted a refund and was told i could have 50% of my money back. I am FURIOUS at this company for not having better communication between studios and customers..

I WILL NEVER have pictures done here again. and I am telling everyone i know not to do business with such a crappy company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $172.

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I work(ed) at picture me portrait studios and I can probably tell you why the pictures were never sent. Sometimes our server computer doesn't send orders through and we have to do it manually.

During christmas, when we're especially busy, sometimes we have to stay hours later than we would normally have to and we forget to check. But bottom line is, don't go back. I worked there for 2 days in january and I am a regular associate who has been with the company for 3 years. They screw everyone over, not just the customers.

Go to a private photographer instead. You'll get more variety anyway.


Customers are going to be out of luck. The company just laid off all the Distict Managers and Regionals.

There is a skeleton crew at corporate and the rest have been told to stay home. No picture delivery dates as far as the eye can see. The Titanic has broken in half and we the store managers are riding the tail end to the bottom. I feel so sorry for our customers whom our company's owners have let down.

My fellow co-workers were like family to me in my district. Looks like the 18th will be it. I don't look to get paid for my last two weeks of work with CPI. I hope We all get paid but I doubt it.

Who ever is running the ship the past few weeks is really going to throw my reputation in this town down the drain for screwing the customers out of their money and pictures.

I only sell the CD's now because I will not screw over anymore customers. So long.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #593587

You don't have to see people in person to hand them a photo. It doesn't cost that much to mail them.

You could also have save money taking the pictures yourself. I would never spend that amount on photos, that could be taken at home.

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