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Anyone know how to contact picture me portriat? I ordered Christmas pics and only recieved half of my order.

In December I purchased a package and they said they would call when my large frame pic was in. I never recieved a call and stopped in walmart to check on them but never got them. The only message I recieved was when they was closing. They said for me to pick up my order and that if I wasn't able to pick up within that day or two of closing my pics would be destroyed.

I called walmart after I recieved message but they had no info. I tried contacting them through the email but its not a valid website. Im so upset I didn't get my 16x20 or my picture book!

I paid $174.00 for this order. Does anyone know how to contact them?

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Xenia, Ohio, United States #656826

I didn't get my pictures of my infant son. I had them taken in March, on the last day the studio in my town was open, and I have yet to recieve the pictures I ordered.

Plus, I had all of my sons pictures saved on my online acct for the passed 8 months, so I could have family order and I could order more pictures too...and the online portrait ( is site unavailable! I want all my pictures dog gone it!! These are the only pictures I have of my now 9 month old son, and I can't get access to them! If I was rich I would have bought the disc every month, but unfortunelty for me, I am not.

HEARTBROKEN now!!!! :( How do I get a hold of my pictures that I paid for and have yet to receive?

Anyone have any idea??? :cry

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #637094

Please pass this message to other consumers who are experiencing this problem due to picture me studio closing. I just want to help anyone and everyone in this situation as best as I can by passing on the info I have obtained.

I didn't give up and I am getting my photos. If I wouldn't have gotten them I would have been getting a refund on them.

Keep digging people and you will come out on top. I will do everything I can to help all of you so if there is anything I can do please let me know and I will help as much as possible.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #637092

I am in Indianapolis Indiana and experienced the same thing. Picture Me is completely closed down so you won't get an answer from them.

I got mine done in a walmart store and I have been able to contact the walmart to get mine. They had to go inside the portrait studio to retrieve the photos and orders for customers. Contact the store that the studio was located in and see if they can help. If they cannot tell you anything or tell you that they are not responsible, contact the corporate office the store the studio was located in and explain to them what happened.

They can help. Most walmart stores are going to have orders available for pick up at customer service as picture me has dumped the responsibility on them.

Call Walmart if that is where the studio was and talk to a manager. All of the walmart stores have been receiving emails as to what to do about photo orders and there may even be a refund in sight for the membership if you got one as well.

to maliyahsmom2010 Albany, Georgia, United States #637609

hey do you know corporates number im so mad I had pics done and said they would be mailed they are nto here how long im I supposed to wait

to kimmoreno Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #637611

The store in my neighborhood tried to pull that *** with me and then when I called on Saturday I guess they had enough and went into the studio and found the orders. They are so full of it.

I've got 2 numbers for you. 1-800-walmart and this one says it is their home office in Arizona. 479-273-4000.

If you have any problems with those let me know and I will see if I can get more numbers for you. More than likely your pics are in the studio and they just haven't went in to get the orders.

to maliyahsmom2010 #637671

Walmart doesnt own the studios. Cpi corp does or did.

They went bankrupt. If you havent got your pictures yoy probably never will. They ran, they abandoned everything. Walmart is looking to get money from them for rent.

Leave walmart alone they are doing what they can. The poor people working in the studios didn't wven get notice that they lost their jobs!

to kimmoreno #637614

If you have not received it or the host store it probabaly wont be printed. We were told we did not have a job (if lucky) that wed night and told to gather personal effects and leave and anything ordered the prior week would not be printed.

My advice, hopefully u paid with a card, do a stop payment or charge dispute. Some host stores(who were screwed also) are being nice and offering refund if you went to a sears.

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