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I spent over 200 dollars there... Went back to get my pictures was told they are no longer here. My pictures might be in the back. Received some of the pictures but not all of them. Not my big one!!!I personally think this company should be held reliable for the pictures and get them to everyone. Total bs when you pay out for things and dont receive them...I also wonder if the stores where these picture me studios should hold some responsiblity.

You trust the store to have a good company in them to receive pictures...Do your job research!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #647046

The company that owns the portrait studios is in bankruptcy and that is the reason that the studios are closed. Everything they own is tied up in bankruptcy court.

No the stores where the studios were located shouldn't be at all responsible. From everything I have heard the WalMart stores hadn't received any rent from the company for at least a year. I don't know if the same applies to the other type of stores that the studios were located in. Let's face it the Picture Me Portrait Studios had been in the WalMart stores for many years with no problems.

The company can't be held reliable, but they could be held responsible. You could still get your "big" picture, you never know.

In the meantime take some classes in punctuation, capitalization, etc. Spending money on those classes might be money better spent, than on pictures.

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