I am seriously pissed off that this company would just dissapear and not give any notice!I took my first family pictures and bought the whole package yet received nothing. This was my first time taking pictures with my family which was very importnat for me.they told me to be back in 2 weeks.

I was so pissed off when i went into walmart to find that the picture me was not there anymore. No notice, Notjing!

When I called the customer service line I was put on hold for HOURS!This is just so unprofessional! I hate this company and I hope however is reading doesn't do business with them because if you do, you'll be out of photos and money.

Review about: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $466.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #644785

listen person that has to hide behind an anonymous name, people are angry that they are screwed out of their packages, money, and memories that they will never get back. So get off your little "knowledge" horse and face some facts.....

The employees knew about it, I was told by SEVERAL employees that worked in the studio that the place was going to shut down a week before the actual date. *now I know some locations this might have been different*

As someone that has something to do with the Walmart corporation *as it's none of your business what affiliation it is* The pictures that have been and have now stop being delivered are those packages that were from customers weeks or months prior to the end date of the studio. With that being said, you can go to the customer service desk and they can retrieve what it is that they have.

Lastly stop annoying people, find a *** hobby, and get over yourself, unless you are someone that is a rep from the company, all your info is hear-say. So stop making fun of people and being an *** of yourself. This website was made for those that are angry about a business, a business that I might add that has screwed a lot of people over.....I also happened to be one of them.

to mandah El Paso, Texas, United States #644957

Amen! He/she only comments regarding pictureme.

Thanks for saying all that my kindle wouldnt let me! (It was being crazy retarded with autocorrect yesterday, lol)

to mandah #645009

Thank you for saying that but I worked in a studio that was not supposed to be closing. We found out late the night before!

I was especially sad for my customers that became my friends. I am still taking their pictures. It has been an honor to work with them all these years. I went in the next day on my day off and helped the store prepare for the mess they were left with.

I did not make a ton of money there but the job made up for it ten fold. Anyway, this now lengthy message is to let you know some of us were in the dark and had no idea this was happening. We were told on Monday, the company sold.

Another lie in a long line of lies!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #644727

You don't have to tell people not to do business with the Picture Me Portrait Studios. They are closed because the company that owns the is in bankruptcy.

The employees in the studios found out late the night before or real early the morning of the closing. Have you checked with the customer service department at WalMart? Some people have been getting their photos there and some people have been getting refunds when they show their receipt. Also if you paid by credit card that company might be able to help you.

It doesn't do any good to rant and rave.

In the meantime you should proof read your complaint. Your spelling, capitalization and punctuation is horrible.

to anonymous El Paso, Texas, United States #644746

You are seriously getting on my nerves.


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