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My Mother purchased a portrait package for my children and my nieces and nephew. I made an appointment For 5:00pm on April 4, 2013, showed up 15 minutes early, like the reminder email they sent me that morning said, only to find a dark empty store.

A Walmart employee came to me to tell me that the company had went out of business last night. So not only was there an upset Mother but 3 very dissapointed little girls whom were dressed beautifully for their pictures. There was no notice, no phone call, nothing except a REMINDER for my appointment. I called the number on the receipt only to be put on hold for 30 minutes for customer service and never an answer.

Now I can find no other way to reach anyone. Please help!!

Review about: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Kokomo, Indiana, United States #632830

Good luck I also have not been told anything and Wal-Mart did not know how and where I will be able to get my pictures :(

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States #632809

As an employee I would first like to say I am sorry for the inconvienence. Most of us found out that the company was closing at 11pm last night and were told not to report to the stores.

Other employees found out when they went to the stores to work this morning. None of us had any warning.

Some of us, like myself went into our stores to call customers to inform them. I am very sorry that you were not informed.


If you paid with a credit card, dispute the charge is best I can think of. Sadly we former managers know and can do nothing. Are hearts are breaking for the deplorable way this pathetic company treated its 'valued' customers and staff.


I was an associate.....we found out around midnight last night that cpi the company that owns picme and sears portrait is closed. We got no notice we are just as upset are.

I had to go and gather my personal belongings today and leave the studio. I am sorry that you were given no notice but neither were the associates that work for the company.



What do you need help with? Are you going to call and complain? Other than satisfying your own personal urge to vent your frustrations to someone within the company, it would be of absolute zero use.

They went out of business. There is no one there to care that you and your 3 kids got all dressed up for nothing. You know who probably did care? The photographer/Studio Manager who got called/texted late last night and told not to come in on Thursday. He/She is probably sitting at home fretting knowing that they disappointed someone and there is nothing they can do. No one at the corporate level gives a hoot though.

I am so sorry that the company did that to you, I truly am.

to Derpygonnaderp Bend, Oregon, United States #632772

How about someone to talk to about either getting our pictures that were recently taken, or getting our money back. We just had our daughters' pictures taken on Saturday and paid for pictures. We are owed our pictures we paid for. If they're not going to at least follow through on providing customers with pictures they paid for, then they need to give us our money back!! Who do we contact about that?!?!

We love the photographer that was at our local studio! Anytime we went to Wal-Mart, my daughters would run to say hi to her. I feel horrible for her & all the other employees that told with no notice... By the way, you're out of a job! That is just outrageous! It's a horrible way to treat the employees & the customers!! I am thankful to our friend/photographer that contacted me this afternoon to let me know, but even she has no information on how we can get in contact with anyone.

If anyone knows who we can contact & how, please share the info! Thank You!!

to Upset Customer #632775

That's my point... there *isn't* anyone to call.

The offices are empty. CPI Corp doesn't exist anymore. It's gone. There is a vague statement that says they will try and do their best to get portraits out to everyone, but nothing concrete.

Honestly, if the portraits don't come in there is very little anyone can do outside of getting together and petitioning the bankruptcy court for their money back after the assests are sold off.

I doubt it would be near what you paid for them and in some cases not worth the effort.

I just hope they pay us. I know we're not getting paid for accrued PTO and I'm sure not for the holidays they missed either.

to Upset Customer #632784

Your portraits are supposed to still be delivered to the store. This mess has now been dumped on walmart and sears.

It was wrong the way the company handled this. We were notified very late last night that we no longer had jobs there.

Continue to call the walmart store to inquire about yout pix. I am so sorry

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