My daughter had an apppointment on march 9th at 1pm to get pictures done and we had to wait about 30 mintues or more and iam still waiting to get my picture backs and spent over 150 there on pictues,it is bull.to me i should be able to keep pictures and get a refund because i was told i would get my pictures back bout 2 weeks and the framed picture 4 to 5 weeks,still waiting.when i called to see if they were in the woman told me that they were closing and my pictures would get mailed to me that she would be calling to verify my address stil waiting on here to call to verify my address.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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The company has gone bankrupt as of this week. I am not sure what will happen to your pictures.

to doopfactor Fulton, Kentucky, United States #634460

well its ***..cant even get a hold of anyone at the 1888 number or a response from email or anything.and someone was suppose to be there the 4th to hand out pictures and of course nobody was.I want my pictures or a full refund one,which i probably wont get either the way things look. :(

to keke Fulton, Kentucky, United States #635112

i either get my pictures or a full refund SOON or iam going to talk to a lawyer about a civil suit against ya'll.

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