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Update by user Apr 09, 2013

FYI: I posted ONLY my receipt of what I purchased!!! Please read that in my original statement prior to attempting to leave any rude, sarcastic, lame attacks on my "math skills".

My sister and I both purchased packs. I can care less if I posted the photographers name or if I did not!

They screwed customers I did not! I posted my receipt because Im not hiding anything!

Original review posted by user Apr 06, 2013

My sister and I went into the Ceres, CA store and had pictures taken of all of our kids. We purchased a few packages each.

We received a phone call on 4/2/2013 at 5PM that our pictures were there. We are on day #3 attempting to pick up our pictures! So far all of the locations we have contacted or inquired about are closed! Where do we pick up our PAID for pictures of OUR children!?

If this falls on deaf ears I will be spear heading a class action law suit. If others are shafted as well please contact me immediately. I'm royally pissed. These were pictures of my new baby and now time has gone by as well as over $100.

I'm submitting only my copy of my receipt.

My sister is not available to obtain hers! Please email me if your in the same boat!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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The lady that took your pics had no idea they were closing, it is not right to display her name for all to see. She also has a right to privacy!

to Anonymous Turlock, California, United States #656252

your an ***. at least this person has the balls to post the receipt!!!

tough ***. I posted mine too!!

right to privacy my ***! they stole peoples money, so when they refund money or give us pictures then maybe people will respect their "privacy"

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #655753

I'm pissed as well I took pictures on Easter and still haven't gotten my pictures. I would love to go in on a class action suit. email me


OMG! No wonder the company went under! You got 2 ad packs (enhanced) a free 16x20 *and* a free sheet? That associate broke all kinds of rules for you and you repaid that by posting her name? How sweet of you.

This right here is the type of thing that killed the company.

Also, $120 =/= $84. Math is important, kids.

to Derpygonnaderp #656254

if you didn't pass reading class its obvious! this person said her sister got pictures as before you try looking billy smart ***, reread!!

Reading is important so I hope your teaching them!! :x :roll :eek :sigh

Modesto, California, United States #633783

I went to the studio and went through the drawers!!! found many peoples pictures!

Alot of walmarts have the pictures in customer service area! please go check! Im still missing all of my large photos!!! I found half of my order in the many pictures left in the drawers!

No joke! :(

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #633710

They went out of business because of bankruptcy. From what I have read other places, they are trying to make arrangements to either make the pictures out, or make arrangements of some place you can pick them up. Given the large quantity of pictures they take, this could take some time.


You're not alone. Mine had to be reordered after they botched my order entirely.

I was sucked into a membership good towards photos going forward, was promised a big 16X20 framed print and when I went to Walmart customer service to obtain any pictures left behind, I opened up to 2 sheets only. I got nothing as promised and paid $129.99 for the package. It was my daughter's very first photo session ever and her 1st Birthday at that. You can't put a monetary value on that.

I can relate to your disgust. I feel for the many employees who were put in a position to sell merchandise and push promotions that would never be honored. All around scam. I went to the better business bureau for my State online and then filed with my bank.

If you used a debit/credit card you may be entitled to a refund. Try that.

Sorry for the lost pictures. :sigh


Check with the Wal-Mart customer service they may have access to the portraits good luck!

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