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I have been trying to collect photos from 2013. I've been researching high & low but still no success, I was not notified of the business down fall & when I went to retrieve my photos @ a Walmart location in Texas I was introduced to a completely empty room with no answers.

I am very furious at this point especially bc they are family photos & I can't even retrieve them online. Please how can I get my photos & I hope this company has not destroyed such beautiful memorable moments.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Norwich, Ontario, Canada #936710

I use to work for Picture Me! in Ohio when they closed.

I know this information will not help you now and I'm not sure how long ago you posted this but, any pictures that were at the studio when it shut down were either handed over to Walmart being that the property rightfully belongs to them. Unfortunately, anything inside of the studio belonged to them as well. If the photos were not given to Walmart then the photographer who took had the right to take them and use them in their portfolio. I know at the location that I worked at, the Walmart kept the photos for a month max and then they destroyed the photos.

Long story short, I don't believe you will ever get those photos back. As for a refund I wouldn't hold your breath, I am still waiting on a final paycheck and separation pay.


Boy!!! you must have been hiding under a rock for a long time because the Picture Me Portrait Studios went into bankruptcy early in 2013.

At the time this happened there were news reports on TV, and in the newspapers, as well as online about it. These reports also told of ways to go about obtaining your unclaimed photos. The employees of these studios didn't even know about the impending closing until late the night before or early the morning it happened. When a business enters into bankruptcy they are automatically closed, with all assets turned over to the court, there isn't any way to notify customer of the impending closure.

This late in the game I have a hunch you won't receive your photos.

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