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I went to the pictures of me and my only son at the time at Picture Me studio in Walmart in Coralville Iowa and I made payments on them only to find out that they closed down they ship my pictures to a Walmart who didn't shredded my pictures I would love to know who can I contact to get those pictures those are my memories that I want of me and my only son at the time he was a baby .it sucks that this company will not respond to any of their customers

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Honey, I hate to tell you this but your are quite late with your complaint. It was all over on the news for several days/weeks about two/three years ago that the Picture Me Photo Studio was in bankruptcy.

At the time that happened the people in the photo studios didn't know it was going to happen until really late the night before or early morning that it happened. It was also reported that people should make frequent inquiries at the WalMart stores to see if the photos were there and that the stores would only keep the photos for a certain amount of time. The Picture Me Portrait Studios weren't part of WalMart, they were only leasing space in the stores. At the time a business goes into bankruptcy there aren't any employees left in the company.

There is nobody left to respond to customers.

As for memories of you and your only son, when he was a baby, you must have some photos that were taken at home and the memories will always be in your heart and mind.

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