I went to walmart on March 12, 2013 where I purchased a 150.00 dollar collection package. I was to receive a free 20 x 20 for spending so much and coming in for so many visit in a year.

The shop had no Internet that day so I received no receipt and have received none of my pictures. That walmart has agreed to pay me for my last purchase but what about my sons only 1st bday pics and my year membership that they had me renew when they knew they were closing. On top of that they owed me over 20 sheets for employee misconduct that I had to experience at my prior visit. What hurts the most is my sons while first year of life pictures are gone when I payed for the right of all my pics but would come home to find that my CDs with the photos had two photos not all the ones I paid for this is another way I was ripped off.

I estimate that picture me pirtrait studios owes me at Lear 1,500.00 dollars worth of photos but the memories that they have stolen from me are priceless. I hope an attorney reads this and offers to file a class action lawsuit against this company that I and my family out our trust into.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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This is the funniest thing I have read.

Katy, Texas, United States #649220

I'm confused....is Picture Me inside of Walmart or something?

to JennG #649572

Yes, they were vendors inside Walmart, Sears and Babies R Us.

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