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I know several across the US have gotten screwed over by Picture Me Portrait Studios and My Online Portraits and I share in the anger over lost money. I spent $203.28 for pictures, just for the studio to tell me they were closing and the pics would be mailed to me.

I have no pics and no money. Customer service does not answer and all you do is listen to music. When you email as you are told to you get no response. I am fed up and I am going to do something about it.

I feel for all of you and the treatment you all received was absolutely horrible. I want consumers of this service that were screwed over to stay in contact with me because I am going to make this public and hopefully some research can be done to get us on the track to get compensation or something. This has to happen and our voice against this company needs to be heard worldwide.

Please email me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $203.

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #1123506

no you didnt

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1024416

What ever happened with pictureme studios? I never received my order of pictures.

I got ripped off and they got away with it so sad they would do this to many people and no resolution.

El Paso, Texas, United States #772030

please solo kiero las pics k page, compre un memory book k traia 11 pociciones :( :( :( y solo m dieron una foto d 8x10 :(

Merchantville, New Jersey, United States #728214

I received a letter in the mail a few months ago regarding their bankruptcy. However Babies r us gave me a refund. I honestly would rather have the pictures.

Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States #714704

I purchased Easter pictures of my son and niece from picture me studios in okmulgee oklahoma. They told me they would call when they were ready.

Then a few weeks later they called and said they would mail them to me. I never got them. I am so mad it was my nieces first professional pictures.

I have my receipt and my session number. There has got to be a way to get thoses pictures :sigh

Evansville, Indiana, United States #703454

i want my daughter 12 and 11 month pictures.. they told me i could come back to order the cds and before i could get back into them they were closed..

so sad about it.. :cry just want those pictures. i have the session numbers, theres gotta be a way to get them... even if they got words across it..

i wouldnt care.

just dont have any 1 year pics now... :cry :cry :cry


Im so upset, they should have told us so we could have gotten our pictures. They have to be somewhere Im wondering if we can get a lawyer and get our pictures. I should have gotten a cd and if we could find our pictures thats all I want.

Kernersville, North Carolina, United States #688097

I'm so upset wish I would have recieved an email telling me that all my pictures were going to be gone. When I type in the site it tells me unavailable. So much for trying to get my unordered pictures

Bullhead City, Arizona, United States #686597

I am also trying to get pictures off the site. I know they closed down, but they should of sent out e-mails or something to customers who had pictures with them.

grr. If anyone knows how to get pictures from them please let me know.



Has anyone been able to contact them? My son passed away and the last pictures of him I had taken were at the Picture Me portrait studio and I would really like to be able to get the copies of those pictures

Turnersville, New Jersey, United States #677029

I just found out they closed. I know im a lil late but have been extremely busy.

My daughters 1st 2nd bday pics are gone off the site and i never recieved her 3rd bday pic's. I am so sadden by this. My Heart goes out to all of you that lost way more than I did. If you live in south Jersey the Turnersville, NJ location at walmart still have boxes of undelivered pic's they are looking for mine.

They took down my name & number. I hope this helps someone.

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #663842

Did all the pictures get wiped off everyone's accounts in I am pretty upset because all my pics were stored there from the time my kids were first born!

I lost alot of memories that can't be replaced. Does anyone know if the website was moved?

Customer service at walmart gave me the main number to call and it told me I would wait 5 minutes, and it was 30 without any customer service rep answering:( I hope they just moved the pictures because this is depressing. :cry

to Disappointed #664030

I am pretty they are all gone. I am really sorry but I assume since the company no longer exists neither does the website.

I lost a lot of pictures also. it really is heartbreaking.

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, United States #661084

I went there beginning of March to get my kids Easter pics done and I got most of my package except for 3 things they said that it would be mailed to my house and no pics came. I emailed them, no response.

I tried calling no answer. I got a hold of Better Business Bureau and they said that cause the business is closed they cant help me. I would take the receipt in BUT my husband had it and he never keeps them. Plus at the time we got the pics taken we didnt know they would be closing.

So looks like no pic or refund for me!

We barley had the money to get them done in the first place (they used to let us pay for half of the package and pay the other half when we pick up the pic but didnt allow it this time). I'm usually pretty happy with them but I'm VERY disappointed in them!

Dallas, Texas, United States #649075

I don't understand how can u send me my free 10/13 but can't send the pictures I paid for so frustrating and *** me off to not be able to get my pictures!!

Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States #647218

i paid extra to get a magnetic memory book. i was told it would take longer to get it than the rest of my package, which was ordered the end of January.....i've never received it or a call about it.

i've left messages on the district manager's voicemail and e-mail via their response! i really want my memory book, and if i can't get it, i want my money back!!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #646735

We had pics taken at beginning of March, received nothing and Wal-Mart have my wife the run around, I went in and asked for corporate Wal-Mart number and was thentold Wal-Mart will reimburse my money as long as I brought back my receipt. Headed back now with receipt in hand!

Martin, Tennessee, United States #646280

I paid and never got my pictures. They told me it would take two weeks and I cam back and there were shutdown.

She gave me a number to call and it was to enterprise.

So she lied! I want my pictures and money back!


They told me a Cd from my last session and rest of my prints i ordered was being mailed to my house. WELL GUESS WHAT I HAVEN'T GOT ***!

I paied 235.00 for all my photos anf cd. I recived 1 of the photos I ordered in store that's it.

I don't care if they went bankrupt they took our money why should we be screwed over? :(

Tampa, Florida, United States #643358

Oh yes i truely understand i going through the same thing and there no way to get the pictures i paid for and this is not cool and i wants so *** answers now

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