Boaz, Alabama

I had my family;s pictures made on March 23rd, and pid $75 on them and the Boaz studio closed without informing me. I have clled the customer service and no one ever takes my call I stay on hold the whole time, I have also sent y'all and email to find my picutres or to just refund my money and no one will respond.

This is VERY VERY unprofessional on y'alls behalf!!!!! Please let me know how I can get my pictures or have my money back and i will pay an actual professional who want do something this ***!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #645188

You didn't have your family's pictures made, you had them taken. You also did not "pid" for them.

What kind of word is "clled?" Also there isn't a word like "y'all". Your really should proof read you complaint, there are an awful lot of errors in it. As far as the Picture Me Portrait Studio closing, goes, they all closed because the company that owns them is in bankruptcy court, and that means that everything they have is tied up in court. The employees at the studios didn't know until late the night before or real early the morning of the closing.

Have you checked with the customer service department of the store where they studio was located, to see if they have your photos?

Some people have been receiving the portraits in those departments.

to anonymous San Diego, California, United States #645212

*proofread is one word

as in "YOU really should PROOFREAD YOUR complaint..."

there's a few others that I don't feel like listing and as for "Y'all" not being a word...well that's just an insult(coming from a carolinian). Have a nice day!

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