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I'm a proud grandmother who wanted pictures taking of her granddaughter when she was 5 months old so I went to the Wal-mart Picture me studio the lady was very patience with my granddaughter and I was very excited about the pictures that she took of her. After the lady got finished with the pics and showed me the pics, I was very happy and excited about them.

Well I spent over $300 on the package that I ordered, and now I'm very pissed that I have not received all of my pics that I was to receive, and all of the things that came with the package that I paid for. I think this is bull *** that this company has filed bankrupt and that they didn't have the respect to contact people with a letter or a phone call about this situation.

I feel like this company could have done better at the situation to make the paying customers happy and satisfied. Thank you A Very Pissed Grandmother

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You're absolutely right, the company should have handled this better.

I know it's no consolation to you, but many of us were forced to withhold closure information. We were threatened with our final paychecks being docked if we reached out to tell customers were closing. Many of us didn't care and did so anyway, but it seems like you weren't lucky enough to get one of the employees who was so daring.

The company still exists, and there are still people in the home office.

try 1-800-549-4505, and press option #5. This seems to be the best shot you have.

Good luck, and I'm sorry that this happened to you, and that my former employer is so irresponsible and insensitive to you and your memories.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #682749

Nobody forced you to spend $300.00 on pictures when you could have bought the basic $20.00 package.

The Picture Me Portrait Studios didn't know until the last minute that they were going into bankruptcy court. The employees found out late the night before or really early the morning of the closing.

I have never heard of any business that went into bankruptcy and sent notification to their customers.

Have you checked with the customer service department of the store where the studio was located to see if they have the photos. However, it is so long since the studios closed that if they did have the portraits, they probably don't any more.

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