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As I was happy about my pictures and the quality..The lady that worked there took a lot of time making sure that what we wanted we got even though we didn't get but a few shots of my daughter she made sure that they were great ones as my baby didn't not want to cooperate..we left that day satisfied but as the pictures started coming in we were never even notified that the company was going out of business as we were told to wait as the pictures were to be delivered nothing never came any business the consumer is to always be taken care of but this company didn't care enough to make sure they even tried to keep their word.we spent over 300 dollars on photos so it would be nice to either have the rest of my pictures which is a 10/30 of my daughter and a iPhone case of my daughter if not at least my money back I don't see how you can rip someone off and then promise to give them what they pay for then just stop communication all together ..who does that...I mean really you have an obligation to your customer to tell them if they product they are paying for is altered in any way I think not receiving what you pay for falls in that category matter what you should have still kept your word or give refunds you were quick to take my money but didn't even want to attempt to make it right when it came to you getting me my order.....i really don't want the money I'd rather have the photos they are memories you can never get back but in any sense I'd like to have one or the other my pictures or my money..

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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