I had no idea the picture me portrait was closing or I would of never purchased pictures there walmart still cant find my kids easter pictures so upset and the portrait studio workers convinced us to join the smile club and pay extra because it was sapposably a better deal in the end so wrong the walmart in queensbury refuses to refund me so out my own hard working money and no pictures how can they get away with ripping people off isn't there a law against this some where i mean come on people we need to get together and discuss this with someone that will get us are money back for are troubles and get us are pictures back we should be able to sew someone i'm defenetly looking into getting a lawyer

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Chardon, Ohio, United States #640211

If they have file bankruptcy they should post a claim form on their website. To give buyers whom have lost money the option to submit that claim to the courts.

I had just ordered my child's Easter pictures as well and have lost a lot of money.

Ocala, Florida, United States #640113

Walmart is partially liable for the businesses they allow to use the inside of their store to conduct business. Picture Me Portrait has stolen family memories and Walmart is contributing to that theft. I guarantee Walmart was paid for the use of their store so they helped steal from customers that will never get their photos or their money.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #640067

I understand that it is not the people but the company, but do not take advantage of people and continue to sell product if there is no intent on sending out the product. I ordered pictures online so I would not lose out on the many years of pictures documenting my kids growth.

i'm out of that money and the picture.

Ocala, Florida, United States #640005

I know you are upset but the employees had no idea whatsoever that the company was closing. My studio manager received a call at home that morning and was told not to report to the store.

Its a *** way to take care of your people. As far as Walmart is concerned, they are not liable or responsible for your loss. Its SUCKS big time and your angry and have every right to be.

I loss money and photos too and I am angry. Angry at Picture ME studios Corp, not its hard working people.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #639802

Nobody knew ahead of time that the Picture Me Portrait Sudios were going to be closing. The employees found out about really late the night before or else really early in the morning of the closing.

However, they didn't just close, they are in bankruptcy. They also weren't connected in any way to WalMart. They were owned by a completely separate company. You can go ahead and hire an attorney, to as you put it "sew" them.

However, that will cost much more than the money you spent on photos.

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