How am I supposed to get my little girl pictures if yall closed? Do I get my money back are what?

I've done call all over and nobody seems to know anything.I really want my little girl pictures, cause I don't think it was fair to closed down with short notice so please help me.I dont know what else to do, I been calling this 1800 number but nobody seems to pick up.

&& the Walmart we went to say they can't do nothing because yall was renting from them. But I guess if something don't happen I will get my lawyer!!!!!

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If you have your receipt, go you your local Wal-Mart and show it to them. They have the keys to the picture vault now that Picture Me is gone.

If your pics aren't there (like mine) they will give you your money back, but you MUST have your receipt. Wal-Mart does not have access to picture me's computer system, so you must have the receipt or forget it! I wanted my Daughter's pics, not my money back, but they will give it to you if your pics are not there. The Cust Serv Mgr at my Wal-Mart said they don't even know if Picture Me will reimburse them, but they're refunding those who have proof of payment.

This really sucks! I want my Easter pics, not my money!!!!!!

Modesto, California, United States #633793
I went to the studio and went through the drawers!!! found many peoples pictures!

Alot of walmarts have the pictures in customer service area! please go check! Im still missing all of my large photos!!! I found half of my order in the many pictures left in the drawers!

No joke! :(
Boise, Idaho, United States #633426
So I just my pictures taken in feb and then in march because I got the membership, and I just had my fist kid and spent about 200$ and I only got to use one of the 12 months I was suppose to get to get my free 8x10 for a year.. what the *** am I suppose to do now that's a lot of money for me, it took me 6 months to save for that, because Im a single mom and going to school :( I want my money back. This is BS

I suggest you dispute the charges. The company shut down, no longer exists so a lawyer won't do you any good.

Take the receipt to your bank and tell them service wasn't rendered. You'll get your money back that way

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