I have had my kids pictures taken at PictureME for the last 3 years (over 12 sessions). I got the email stating that they were closing and I had until the 18th to order any further pictures.

I want all the pictures (which are very precious to me) on CD's and have made tons of attempts to reach the company including phone calls, trip to the store and emails, of which I recieve no response. So I figured today was my last day and I would just spend a ton of money to order a print of every since picture for back up and although its the 18th... ALL MY PICTURES FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS of my babies... are gone already/erased.

No prints, no CD's etc. UNBELIEVABLE. The worst thing I have ever seen a company do to their customers. Disgraceful and rude.

Especially since I was willing to spend the money to get the CD's for priceless memories, and they really did not care. I dont want money, I want the chance to get CD's of my pictures that are not replaceable by any amount of money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture Me Portrait Studio Customer Care.

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