My family and I went in for family March 31st.They told me this was their last day open that they just got notice they were shutting down.

I guess I should have just left but trusting their word they assured me my photos would be mailed. It will be a week and probably 3 weeks for my 16x20 well here it is almost 3 weeks and nothing. Granted I didn't spend much because they threw on extra stuff for the inconvenience. But it's the point I want my pictures I put my second son in the same outfit as his order brother when he was a baby for our first family photos and he had already outgrown the outfit!

I'm so upset Bd frustrated like everyone else. I just want a straight answer... Will we get our pictures? And if not will we be refunded?

I've read so much about contact your Walmart and it seems other walmarts are working with ppl but not ours!

I know they have nothing to do with them but they aren't helping either!Please help!

Monetary Loss: $22.


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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #637170

Isn't it funny that you were told they studio was closing when from everything I have heard none of the employees knew about it until late the night before, or early morning of the day that they were told not to clock in.

to anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #637201

Listen, 350 stores were closing. Those were low performing studios, the rest of were told we were ok and not going anywhere. You obviously need to find something else to stick your nose in since you know nothing about this!

to exsm #637459

The 350 stores were not closed based solely on performance, mine included. My sits were over 100% ytd and I actually was showing an upward swing in sales averaging $38/hour(statisical/historical analysis showed that I would have caught up to my sales goal ytd in 3 weeks), but I was slated to close. I can tell you my WM management said they received an email asking if they wanted to volunteer my studio for closure. It was a host store decision.

This doesn't mean we knew the company was shutting down completely. We were told portraits after a certain date would be sent to the customer's home. There was no reason not to believe that since that is what they had done in the past with studio closures. I was guaranteed a fulltime position at a near by underperforming studio so I was gobsmacked when I got the phone call late Wednesday evening.

While I understand that people are mad at the company, please understand that the employees are in a very similar boat. We were not told anything until the very end. The company owes each of us hundreds of dollars in pay and bonuses that they never paid. We've been screamed at and written up for *** stuff and expected to tow the company line or lose our jobs and in the end we lost them anyways.

Want someone to be mad at? Try Jim Abel and Renaldo Cataldo.

to anonymous #637701

300 studios were given 2 weeks notice that they were closing on April 1. All other studios were closed with out notice 3 days later.

to Previous employee #637708

I was a manager for 8 years I hadhelp shut down other studio in the Lawrence we were not given two weeks notice I found out on Thursday that we were shutting down that Saturday two days later I found out from another studio in another state that her was closing seen the manger of walmart asked him if he knew anything he said no but there was an email from the company he said he thought it was a promotion we were running I asked if we could go back and check and we did he read it to meander printed me out copy. I called my rm and asked was there anything he needed to tell me he said no I confronted him witth the information I had he said he was going to mention it on fridays conference call the most notice the closing studios had was the studios that were open that Monday and they were onthe list it was not bases on preformes I think they just pick and choice studios :cry

to anonymous #637800

If this was the 31 it would have been one of the studios that were planned to close, the rest of them closed abruptly on the third

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #637160

If your walmart isn't willing to work with you, find one that is and explain to them that the other store won't help you.I had to do that, and then after speaking with management, my store decided they wanted to help.

If this doesn't work call corporate and report the store.

They will make them help!Good luck!

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