on 3/29 my best friend and i took 6 kids ages 9mths-13yrs in all matching outfits which cost us about $40 per kid plus had to wait an hour to get pics taken took about 3 hrs total spent $140 on a CD and 10 pictures...was told we would be called when pics came in...just found out they closed..what the ***!! was told by walmart if are pics were not left behind with them that walmart would refund the $...NOT *** GOOD ENOUGH we want our pictures and are $ back for the stress of all this

Monetary Loss: $140.

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My wife and I are planning on going and getting family pictures taken. We just had a baby girl so we need to update our family picture. We are really excited to finally have some pictures with our daughter in it.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #642473

For those of you that don't know it the company that owns Picture Me Portrait Studios is in bankruptcy. The employees had no idea that the studios were closing until late the night before or early morning of the closure.

Also, Anonymous, why should you get both your photos and money back? This shouldn't have been anymore stressful than most of the things that occur for people.

to anonymous Adrian, Michigan, United States #643703

I beleive we should get our money back and our pictures for dealing with this ***! I've been *** around by this company since december 2011 when i got my daughters first pictures taken, it took them a year to give me the pictures and i was promised again pictures in 9-2011 and still waiting for them and last but not least i was told i wouldn't have anymore problems, that they got a new manager and they swore i wouldn't be *** around and well they took my only 100 bucks this last time and here i am screwed again out of all the pictures!!!

They should pay us quadruple and then some and give us our pictures!!! THATS ***!!!!!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #642467

:( :( :(

OMG I am outraged at these people!!!!

I went to pick up my portraits that were "left behind". My $200 portrait session pictures were in fact there, however, the CD was not. That *** CD is the reason I buy such large orders, otherwise its just as much. Walmart will not refund my money because the actual prints are there!!!!

Why wouldn't that portrait studio just GIVE everyone the digital rights to all their photos? What do they care? I have many portrait packages that I didn't buy the CD's too that I was planning on printing additional copies of, but now they are all gone! I don't know what to do!!!

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