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Just as everyone else they sold me a bogus membership. There is no way they couldn't have known they were going under or going to close.

This company's CEO needs to be petitioned against and we all deserve our money for this "1 year" membership back. Who cares if it was $20 bucks-it was my 20 bucks and these thieves don't deserve it. Karma will get whoevers bright idea this *** was.Has anyone spoke to a manager about this situation? why do i need to write 100 words before i can submit my complaint?

Is it not important enough unless i can write a whole paragraph about it?

Do you not see all the other complaints about the same ***? wtf?

Monetary Loss: $20.

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There are no managers to talk to. We were all let go very suddenly either in the middle of the night or we found out when we couldn't clock in the next day.

They owe us a lot of money too in the form of holiday pay/PTO/bonuses etc.

Sorry I don't have a better recourse for you. If you paid via credit card you can dispute the charges; other than that you have to get in line with the other creditors (with more than $98 million in debt).

to FormerSM Grayson, Georgia, United States #634644

oh i had customers who spend hundreds of dollars on photos Easter weekend, i will be shocked it they see their pictures. There is no one to sue, the folks responsible jumped off that ship before it sank. :(

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