A few days ago this man standing out front of the picture me studio offered me this 20 dollar deal and i paid the 20 set my appointment only to go there today with my boys and have no one there for my appointment. Called the number on a picture of the manager.

The lady was rude as *** and said shes out of a job and they closed there doors last night at 7. So needless to say im out my money because i cant even use the thing for the free pictures and its a year long thing i bought. If they knew they were closing why only April 1st sell me this and now close.

SCAMMERS! ***>>>>> and all you people waiting on pictures I hope you get them!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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No, as a matter of fact we did not know they were going to close and inform us at 1030 at night by text message. I know that this is a hassle for you and you are out a few dollars and I am truly sorry for that but I am out a job and a career that I have loved for half my life.

I am also out a paycheck that supports my family. Please realize it was not the studio associates that caused this problem.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #632804

Just paid $20 for membership a month ago, got one free pic and ordered some others. Was excited about going there over the next several months, and then heard this bs!


We had absolutely zero idea that this was going to happen. I'm sorry that they did that, but ultimately the people you see and interact with on a store level are always the last to know anything, we simply follow through with company directives.


We had no idea we were out of a job. Im so sorry this happened to you. If you used a debit/credit card fight the charge!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #632731

I bought the same thing! My appt was set for a different date then written down, Then the "mobile pics" are SO small I can't see him! What a waste!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #632715

Had the same thing happen to us. Dragging our 8 kids, plus 2 who our daughter was babysitting, to this *** studio, only for no one to show up.

You can't tell me that while those people were selling us those $20 cards, no one knew they were closing!!

to RleeJ Columbus, Ohio, United States #633554

No, we at the store level had no clue that we were closing. Last Friday, March 29th, there was a rumor going around that CPI found a buyer for Sears Portraits and would be closing PictureMe in 3 stages.

They actually announced Saturday morning, during the weekly conference call, that CPI was closing a some studios, 2 of which were in my district, but that everything was "fine, those were just low performing studios". We never got a "we might be closing" email or anything. Then Wednesday night, my studio manager called me saying that our district manager had just sent him a text saying that CPI was closing all the U.S. studios and not to go to work Thursday morning and do not call any of the customers and let them know about the closing, even the ones with appointments on Thursday.

So yes, as a former employee of PictureMe I can tell you that I had no f*cking clue that CPI was going to close all of the studios and leave me without a job and a way to support my 3 year old daughter.

If I would've known that we were closing I wouldn't have sold 3 customers $400 worth of pictures Wednesday, or 2 customers $300 worth of pictures on Monday. And I sure as *** wouldn't have sold 10 customers $1500 worth of pictures a week before Easter, they're pictures came in Wednesday, knowing that they wouldn't be getting their children's 2013 Easter pictures.

to RleeJ #633666

of course the front line staff had no idea. we were put under pressure to sell more and do more. not given any 'true' information about the state of the company. why? because no business admits it's in trouble! closures are always quick and the frontline staff and the customers are the ones who lose out the most.

i feel AWFUL about the collections i sold the day before we closed.

but i also feel awful because i have no job, no security, and no health insurance.

take it as a good sign of the integrity of the employees that so many of us have been coming on here to apologize to customers who got screwed. i know it's not much, but it's all we can do.

Johnson City, New York, United States #632713

i am sorry for your loss but we did not know we were closing today. we were called at about 9 this morning and told not to come in and that we no longer have jobs.

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