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I went to a location in northwest Indiana to get my pictures I paid $250 for, and the store was closed. Is anyone suing CPI for either their pictures or their money back?

I can tell you this, I will never be getting professional photos done at any sort of studio ever again because of this! Surprisingly, I'm not entirely surprised, but I would like to at least receive the photos I paid for. Anyone think that they will mail them out within the months to come?

Or will they issue refunds? Or did they leave thousands of people hanging?

Monetary Loss: $268.

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Wentworth, South Dakota, United States #665760

The company that owns the Picture Me Portrait Studios is in bankruptcy court. Have you checked with the customer service department at the store where the studio was located?

Some people have been able to get their photos at those locations.

It wouldn't hurt to go in person and politely ask about it.

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