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I took a family portrait close to a month now. I was told that I would be contacted when my photos will be ready for pick up.

On top of that the studio was supposed to send me some photos on my cell phone and up to date have never received the same. I decided to go to their studio yesterday to inquire about my photos because no one was picking up their calls.Shock upon me! I found the guys had already closed the business.

Now even the phone number they left behind, no one answers it. I paid my money and now my question is, "Where the *** are my pictures?" This is really *** off knowing very well that money do not grow from trees with this tight economy we are in now.

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Don't give some customers are getting their pictures. Check out some of the other posts on this website some people have been able to get their pictures.

It's pathetic how people like alq have so much time on their hands they can take the time to put down others rather than try and be helpful. I the PMP studio was in a Walmart some have been able to get their pictures from customer service.

Be sure and have your receipt on hand and Good Luck! I hope for the best for you and all the other families that were caught up in PMP's downfall.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #642173

I guess you are living under a rock. Company is bankrupt and out of business. probably no pictures and absolutley no money.

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