last saturday (March30th 2013) Picture Me studio in walmart #10 tahlequah

my mom had been asking for pictures of ALL her grand kids... so myself and 2 other ladies took 9 children total for pictures...

we were promised a free 16x21 plus 40% off our total order... we picked the pics we wanted and were told they had been coming as early as 3 days but for sure pick up date would be April 10th... we all put our money together and pay... one of us goes today & the place is being closed down...

she has called numerous times and has only been asked to stop calling... walmart has no answers to give either... SOMEONE KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING!!!!!!! why were they still doing pictures & taking ppls $$$????

We did not pay a lot but 2 of the 3 of us are single moms that could have used that money for a number of other things... i very rarely do "extra" because the money for it just isnt there... my group is upset, OVER THE TOP MAD!!!!! we want what we paid for...

we WILL be contacting the BBB in the morning... THIS IS WRONG!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Did you pay via a Credit card? If so, call your credit card company and file a complaint and tell them you want to fight the charge.

They'll issue a chargeback on the company. There is no guaranty that you won't have to pay it, and it could take a long time, but it MAY work.

Good luck! :)


Everyone that was let go Thursday morning that worked for the company (like my self) were totally blindsided by the news. At first I was upset that I let down all my very loyal customers.

Then I came to the realisation that the company let us all down. They could not manage a company. They were completely useless and all they wanted was your money. The main culprit in all this is Jim Abel, interm president and king dbag.

Call him, I'm sure he would love to hear from all the upset customers. His number is 314-231-1575 extention 3681. For all those that bought the portrait smiles card from a "vendor", you got completely had! The company that sold the card sold it just to get you in the door and they totally lied to you.

Once you get in the studio, all the benefits of the card are null and void because its all up to is taking your portraits. Didn't it seem wierd that they were selling something for 20 bucks that a lot of people get for free most of the time.

Face it, you lost your money.

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