I got mine and my sons pictures done in March 2013 to find out later that the studio was closing. I received the bulk of my pictures but not my big personalized framed picture.

It is now the middle of May and I want to know where it is. The websites are shut down. If you call the number it says nothing about the business closing and puts you on hold. This is ridiculous they said I would get my personalized picture within 4-6 weeks after the session.

This mom is PISSED. either reprint it, send it, or reimburse me for my picture.

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Stuff happens. You got ripped off and now you demand money.

Wake up! You are not getting anything and you should just cut your losses. All of us employees are out of a job now because the company went under and no one is crying for us.

Unless you want to use even more money to hire a lawyer to get your snot nosed kid's portraits, by all means do so, but nothing will come of it.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #651746

Wake up! Company is bankrupt and out of business. No pictures for you!

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