I went to take pictures of my daughter on 1/8/2013 its going on month number 2 and still have not gotten my framed 16x20. I have visited the store and all they say there is a delay and we don't know when it will get here.

Oh so you don't know when my framed picture is coming but you sure knew how to take my 100.00 plus dollars right!. Its ridiculous! I've called the store I've gotten hung up on. I have gotten employees that say oh i'm from another store and don't know where everything is here can you call the next day.

I called to get the district managers number and they gave me a number to another store and they had no clue what i was talking about. Until i gave her my session number and said that i was calling the wrong store manager.

Then i finally get a call from a sears lady mind you i went to walmart so i don't know if they are owned by the same company or what have you, but she left a voicemail and needed some more info i called right back she did not answer so i left her the details she wanted and still have not received anything nor my picture or a phone call back telling me where the *** is my picture i paid for. i did leave them a nasty voicemail demanding full refund or i will be taking them to small claims.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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Wow I cannot believe you wish on anyone the loss of a job! That is wrong on so many levels.

What if she had children at home or she was the caregiver for a sick family member. I understand your frustration but it will not help if you wish bad things on someone else. This company just laid off 4000 people. I am one of them.

I have worked in this industry for many years and I have never had anyone say things like that to me! We in the studio do not have a lot of control over when pics will be in so please think twice and realize every employee that lost their jobs has lost their of supporting themselves and their families!!!!!!!

Humble, Texas, United States #635936

same thing happened to me. I took pictures in January, ordered them, and never came in.

I've been calling their main office since February and no answer. Every time I'm left of the phone listening to music for over 45 minutes. I wrote letter through email, i FOUGHT with an associate to get the regional and district manager phone number. call was never answered and never returned.

On top of that the new rude associate refuse to give me my money back and said with a big smile across her face, "All refunds must go through the main office." After I told her no one picked up.

Besides bad customer service, the CEO blames it sales on the digital world?!? The thought of that partial associate loosing her job puts a grand smile on my face.


For 107 dollars, your 16x20 I'm sure was a free item (as most 16x20s are and are framed free with collection purchase).... there are no refunds on something that was free....

the people who work in the studios have no control over when the items arrive, that is the lab they send them to responsibility and all they get is a list of possible weeks it will take to get them....

take your aggressions out on customer service, not the hard working people behind the counter.... they are as confused with whats going on as you are.

to anonymous Richmond, Virginia, United States #621904

Thank you for saying that!!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #616451

Haven't you ever been taught that nasty messages don't get you anything?

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